Day 24 – defeat admitted

15 Sep

A wise person recently told me that sometimes silence is golden. This got me to thinking if I should press on for the next six days to finish this mini challenge that I bestowed upon myself perhaps writing content just for the sake of it, offering nothing particularly substantial or if I should just humbly admit that coming up with 30 days worth of interesting (I say this loosely) writing is something that I’m not quite up to task for and shut it down early. There is something to be said for seeing something through to the end, but there is also something to be said for stubborn pridefulness, and it’s not redeeming to say the least.

So I’ve decided to humbly admit defeat and close out this challenge at 24 days. As trivial as it might sound, this was actually not an easy decision to come to. I’ve enjoyed this challenge and really don’t like to lose… even if it’s to myself. I went back and forth on it a fair amount, but realized that too often throughout my day I’m thinking about what to write in the evening’s post rather than just letting each moment sink in, allowing the writing to come to me, and it was cutting into my reading and writing class time. Plus, writing a blog post everyday is just too frequent. Not many people want to read a post everyday… especially if it’s a long post. So there you have it. Blog challenge over. I will still post blogs, just not everyday, so please keep checking in and thanks for bearing with me over these 24 days.


One Response to “Day 24 – defeat admitted”

  1. Natasha September 18, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Love reading your thoughts…Very brave of you!

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