Day 12 – good for the soul

3 Sep

There is just something about blues music that makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. I was feeling a bit down today – perhaps a byproduct from yesterday – so to clear my head and gain a fresh perspective, I decided to take a walk with Oscar (my aunt and uncle’s giant golden doodle – check out the picture under the post ‘a little sunset’ for reference).

With iPod in hand, I set out for some awakening of my soul. Browsing through my song library, I stopped on Otis Redding, pressed play and just let his smooth sound sink in. His voice is like butter melted over a hot piece of corn on the cob on a warm summer’s night. Pure soulful comfort. Plus it was an absolutely beautiful evening in Sechelt.  The sun had set but its glow from below the horizon still lit the sky and reflected in the clouds brilliant colours of pink, purple, red and gold. This 15 minute window of time every day when it’s no longer daytime, but it’s also not quite night time either is one of my favourite times of day – it just paints everything with such an inspiring light. It’s good for the soul. And listening to Otis helps too.

That’s all I got today. Otis and after sun-set walks.


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