Day 10 – what’s in a name

1 Sep

The name of my blog is not something that I just stumbled upon. When I decided to go on my road trip, I wanted to come up with a name for a blog that truly embodied the purpose of my journey. It took about two months of tossing around different ideas for names before I decided on ‘the road to my soul.’ So why this name?

In the months leading up to my decision to put aside life as I knew it to go on the trip, my soul was feeling like a grape that had been left out in the sun for far too long. Dried up and shriveled… and not in the delicious raisin kind of way. Once the vision of this trip settled on my heart and began to saturate every part of me, I quickly discovered the multiple layers of reasons for going. All of which, in one way or another, had the same theme – to gain a better understanding of who I am in Christ. To discover my soul.

The soul of a person is essentially what makes a person. At the very core, it’s the image of Christ that we were made in, and I was longing for a deeper awareness of my soul, in Him. For reasons that I can’t really logically explain, I decided a road trip across the States was the ideal way to begin this journey to my soul. And so came the name, ‘the road to my soul.’ It’s both literal and metaphorical.

While my trip got the ball rolling, the journey on the road to my soul continues. What I’ve discovered is that the journey to one’s soul does not have a final destination – it’s a lifelong chase to get closer to the One who made us. A chase that I hope and pray I stay on.


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