interesting, the Pacific Ocean and the fear of God

10 Jun

Well it’s day Day 4 of this journey and it has been interesting to say the least (I have been told by my American friends that us Canadians use that word ‘interesting’ and it’s a loaded word as it has a plethora of meanings). So what do I mean by ‘interesting’? Here’s a quick run down. Crossing the border was quite the ordeal. We clearly picked the wrong lane as we were pulled in for a thorough questioning and car search for about 45 minutes. Tenting is all I thought it would be and more… horrible. I honestly don’t know how people sleep in tents and say they enjoy it. I had to flip sleeping sides every 30 minutes because my side would ache – I guess our 1 inch foams didn’t quite take the edge off the rocks and twigs of the ground. Oh and it poured and I mean poured rain the second night. There’s nothing like packing up soaking went camp gear. But Cannon Beach was absolutely breathtaking. I love the ocean and the beach and Cannon Beach did not disappoint and we actually got a really beautiful day for it. We left Oregon yesterday morning for Crescent City, CA where we had reservations at a KOA campground. Halfway through our 8-hour drive to Crescent City, we decided to take the scenic route to check out the Oregon Sand Dunes. This added about 3 hours to our travel time, but was worth it. We pulled the car over at a random spot in the Oregon Dunes National Park and climbed to the top of this sandy hill and at the top was a stunning view of the Oregon coast. And it actually stopped raining for those 15 minutes we stopped and the sun shone it’s face through the clouds long enough for us to soak in the beauty of it all.

Dreading the thought of having to unpack our soaking wet camp gear, set it up and endure another two nights of tenting in the rain, we called KOA and upgraded our tent site to a cabin. Hands down the best decision we have made along this journey so far. It’s amazing how a warm, dry bed just lifts the spirits right up. Thank you Jesus that there were cabins available!

As I was snuggled in my bed last night with Donald Miller’s book, Searching For God Knows What, he started talking about the fear of God. I have heard about the fear of God many times but have never really taken much time to consider what this actually means. But then I started thinking about our journey from Cannon Beach to Crescent City along Highway 101 which literally edges the Pacific Ocean for long parts of it. It was a gray, rainy, windy day while we were driving and the ocean was really violent and angry. Waves crashed against towering boulders one after another and the water stirred in a fit of rage. It was really beautiful, but instilled a sense of fear in me as well. But not the type of fear that made me want to run away, it was the type of fear that made me respect and appreciate it but was quite inviting at the same time. To me, it was the perfect depiction of the fear of God. Angry at our sins, furious at our selfish ways but so beautiful and inviting . Don’t get my wrong, the ocean is infinitely more unforgiving than God, but if I were to draw what I thought the fear of God looked like, the Pacific Ocean how I saw it yesterday would be it.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from our first few days.


2 Responses to “interesting, the Pacific Ocean and the fear of God”

  1. yearontheroad June 11, 2010 at 7:37 am #

    I am also hitting the road for a year. I hope I take to tents better than you did because except for the less wholesome places I will be sleeping, it is mostly going to be my little compact tent! Given I will not be taking money with me, “upgrading” like you did wont be working :)

  2. grama June 11, 2010 at 8:32 am #

    …….I’m so glad you enjoyed Oregon and especially Cannon Beach!! What can I say – we like to think it’s one of God’s favorites too. Interestingly enough, the ocean and how it comes in with each tide is always different. We have never experienced it the same way twice.
    As to your camping experience- it does help to have a decent foamy or air mattress!!!! Grandpa and I have enjoyed the sand dunes from a little different aspect. We rented a sand dune buggy(sort of like an ATV) and viewed them from that. The question that comes to mind is how come the sand only blows up at that particular place and not along the rest of the coast? It’s so good to hear how God is communicating with you thru’ His awesome creation and it will only get better and better as you continue your journey……bless you!!!! A big HI to Jess and Jodie……… grama

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